Article in the magazine “Koita Mama”

Baby swimming is an educational programme that develops children’s skills through play in the water. It is addressed to parents and infants from 6 months to 3.5 years old.

It is scientifically proven that baby swimming strengthens children’s physique, respiratory system and heart function and improves their body posture. It helps them overcome their fears, gain confidence and become more social and independent. It is also a very constructive way to spend time with their parents and as is well known exercise keeps them from getting sick often!!!

The required documents for the enrollment in the courses are a medical certificate by a pathologist/general practitioner, a dermatologist and a gynecologist for the parents and a medical certificate by the pediatrician and three passport photos for the children.

Lessons take place in small groups at the swimming pool of Egnatia Palace Hotel in the center of Thessaloniki and are held by Nicolas Hatzigiakoumis, the programme manager of Ichtheis and one of the few and most experienced baby swimming instructors in Greece.

Source: Koita Mama magazine article