WELEDA supports us! Article in NATURA magazine

WELEDA was founded in 1921 in Switzerland by a group of doctors and pharmacists. Regardless of the various trends, the company has been operating for nearly eight decades “in harmony with nature and the human being” by using biodynamic farming for the production of its cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In the framework of searching for innovative ideas, socially sustainable projects and distinguished young entrepreneurs, WELEDA supports the work of Ichtheis Baby Swimming.

Baby swimming is an educational programme that develops children’s skills through play in the water. It is addressed to parents and infants from 5-6 months to 4 years old. It takes place in the spa center of Egnatia Palace Hotel, in a swimming pool that is treated with bromine and has a constant temperature of 31-32 degrees. Classes are held once a week in groups of three or four for a total of 30 minutes (based on scientific research).

The benefits of baby swimming are unique!!!

It is scientifically proven that baby swimming strengthens children’s physique, respiratory system and heart function and improves their body posture. It helps them overcome their fears, gain confidence and become more social and independent. It is also a very constructive way to spend time with their parents and as is well known, exercise keeps them from getting sick often!!!

Our little friends will have the opportunity to play, have fun and learn how to swim according to the latest methods and by the most specialized baby swimming instructors in Greece. At an age that very few activities are suitable for infants, baby swimming comes to fill this gap with a lot of fun and learning.

Parents will be able to spend a very productive and enjoyable time with their children in spotless and fully equipped facilities. The programme is addressed to all those who look for the best when it comes to their children’s education and entertainment and wish to share such an experience with other parents.

Programme Manager – Information: Christina Chrysochoidou

Education & Training Manager: Nicolas Hatzigiakoumis – Professor of physical education, swimming and baby swimming instructor, lifeguard, water ski trainer, personal and family gymnast. He holds two baby swimming certificates from the official Australian Organization for the Teaching of Swimming and Water Safety (AUSTSWIM), as well as degrees in first aid and diving.