Baby swimming and baby body fatigue

We had been thinking of trying baby swimming since a very long time and when we mentioned it to our pediatrician, child neurologist and physiotherapist (due to the special condition of our little daughter), they were all more than positive!

Of course, lessons turned out to be as good as we thought they would and we immediately knew we made the right choice.  Our little one was thrilled! Her participation, responsiveness and cooperation with Nicolas were every time more and more impressive. The combination of physiotherapy and baby swimming strengthened her body and posture. It is after all well known that swimming is the best exercise.

The always smiling and helpful Christina and the warm environment they have created, shows how much they love what they are doing. It is no coincidence that in such a short time they accomplished so much!

As two parents that always look for the best for they child, we definitely recommend you to enroll to the baby swimming lessons.

Katerina M.